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How about a thread for places that are begging to you to be restaurants?

At the SE corner of Hardy and Broadway in Tempe is one such place in my mind. Formerly a bank, then a Cox dropoff for a bit, it's been empty for at least a few years. It's a cool little unique building that sits right on the fence between residential neighborhoods and a huge industrial park on a highly traffic'd and visible intersection

While I was walking around it taking pictures, I saw a lady taking a walk on her lunch from the milk plant. I asked her, wouldn't this be a great place for a restaurant? She said there are 250 employees right across the street, and that they'd discussed that themselves. They'd love it

I'm thinking someplace NocaWich-y for breakfast and lunch . . . then, shift into happy hour and gastropub in the evening. Out back you have a covered drive former drive-up area where you can put tables for some alfresco hanging out, sheltered from the Broadway traffic. Not a ton of parking, but as Boulders On Broadway up the street has shown, build bike racks and they will come. Tall windows out front facing north, so plenty of sunlight without SUNLIGHT

Mind you, I have no knowledge of what the lease/purch would be on the property, build out costs, zoning issues, but I think it could be a winner. Nah?
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I used to work in that neighborhood and must have passed that building a thousand times without seeing its potential. Now that you've pointed it out, I agree that it might be a good restaurant space. It would probably benefit from a business model centered around breakfast and lunch since the immediate surrounding area is mostly offices and light industrial space.
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