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Getting pulled down the tequila wormhole!

Have a marketer friend (Jay Baer from Phoenix whom some of you may know) who has launched a tequila page on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/tequilajaybaer/

I find it pretty good. He's monetising by being sponsored by some non-tequila things like Q mixers, ecom tequila stores, doing brand consulting, etc.

That said, I enjoy his reviews. He focuses mainly on additive free brands & has his assistant (a tequila newb at the start) as his partner to provide another viewpoint.

Well I can't believe how cheap alcohol is there!!! (We have a massive tax on alcohol so it's quite expensive here.)

Anyway, I've only been able to find 3 additive free tequilas here in Tassie (ARTEnom 1579 which I loved, Don Fulano also good & Arette which I haven't bought yet). I've found an online AU store that carries a good deal more & may be digging into that.

Anyway, with all that great tequila so cheap and available for you all, do you have any additive free brands you absolutely love?
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Re: Tequila

Post by BillBuitenhuys »

Arette blanco is Lill's fave. Definitely suggest giving it a go. Others we like: Fortaleza (my fave), Azunia, G4, Patron Estate (just the Estate label).
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