How-To: Posting Photos

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Posting photos on phpBB is pretty darn easy, but here's a quick tutorial to help you out.

There are three methods:

Method 1 - Attachments

To make adding photos to your posts a little easier, we've enabled attachments. This will be a whole wackyton easier than having to upload your photos to another site and link to them, as those who have been using phpBB for years might be accustomed to. Here's how it works:
  • When you compose a post, beneath the text window, you'll see a tab labeled "Upload attachment." Click it.
  • On this tab, browse to select your photo, and then click "Add the file."
  • Your photo will be uploaded to the server, and its name will now be shown directly beneath the text window. Any text you enter in the "File comment" field will be displayed beneath the photo in italics when the post is completed. Click "Place inline" to enter the code into your post (otherwise the photo will be shown at the bottom of the post).
  • When you submit the post, the code will be replaced by the photo attachment.
Please note the following restrictions on images:
  • Photos will be automatically compressed when they're uploaded to the server to keep storage space manageable. That said, if you try to upload a huge file, memory issues could occur. Most JPGs should be just fine so long as they're not incredibly huge.
  • The maximum image dimensions are 800x800 pixels, though this full size will only be displayed in the lightbox view if you click on it. The maximum inline display size is 600x600.
I'm a little new to this feature myself, so if you encounter any issues, let me know.

Method 2 - Hosting Photos Elsewhere

With this method, you leave your photos on your server or on a photo hosting service like Flicker, and enter a link into your post that pulls the photo from your server to display it. First, you need to ensure that your image is in .gif or .jpg format. Once your photo is hosted somewhere, you need that photo's URL, which might look something like this:

Then, when writing your post, you want to enclose that URL in the img tags. So if you type...

Code: Select all

[img][/img] will display as...


Note that you can type out the tags freehand, or use the Img button above the text window on any post page.

If you use photos that are wider or taller than 500 pixels, they'll be automatically resized and the zoom function will be enabled. But bear in mind that the processing of larger images takes place on the viewer's computer, so it's best to actually bring photos down to size if possible. Also, note that this does not actually upload the photo to the PHXfn server, so if the photo is ever removed or if the URL changes, it will display on PHXfn as a broken link.

Method 3 - Embedding Instagram Photos

Instagram photos automatically embed if you post the URL.

First, pull up the Instagram photo and look at the URL. For example, if the URL is

Code: Select all
, then just paste that into your message. will display as...


As with remotely hosted photos, above, note that this does not actually upload the photo to the PHXfn server, so if the URL ever changes or the photo is removed from Instagram, the photo will no longer display on PHXfn. The only way to ensure that the photo link can never be broken is to download the Instagram photo to your computer, then upload it as an attachment as detailed above.
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