The Orchard on 12th St (Construction later this Year)

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Jon Kitchell of Venue Projects came by my plant nursery today and we chatted a bit about the progress at The Newton and the upcoming Southern Rail. He said things were moving so fast and the project is going well. He also mentioned that construction on the upcoming Orchard on 12th St (12th St just north of Glendale in Phoenix) WILL absolutely start later this year. The Orchard will have two restaurant spaces, one a casual, breakfast/lunch spot with take-out and one upscale (my term) lunch/dinner. He mentioned they are actively looking for a culinary partner for the space (and are already talking to the usual suspects). Just putting this out there if someone knows a superstar in the making looking for a brand new palette. This should be an amazing space, complete with a stone fruit orchard, plant nursery and I think edible gardens may also be in the plan.