New Times Best Of 2013

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Skillet Doux
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Just dropped.

Of course, no list -- particularly such a high profile one -- will go without debate (and there are always a few headscratchers), but there are some great selections here that I'm thrilled to see getting widespread attention. A few lesser-known winners that I'm especially happy to see mentioned:

Best Chef's Choice
Lucky's King Wah

Best Hamburger
The Attic

Best Sensation
Miu's Cuisine (referring to mala)

Best Korean Restauarnt
Cafe Ga Hyang

Best Italian Deli
Dolce Vita Italian Grocer

Best Grilled Cheese
Wedge & Bottle

Best Pollo a la Parrilla
Mercado y Carniceria Cuernavaca

And a bunch of other favorites as well.

Most importantly, I've always tried to make the case that one of the most important functions of a board like this is not just to help get the word out to other diners, but to help get the word out to other food media as well. And while I don't for a moment mean to take anything away from the folks pounding the pavement over at NT, nor am I suggesting that we're deserving of credit just because we happen to have written about some of the same places, I do think our fingerprints are on this list, and I think it would probably look a little different if not for the energy that everybody has put into this board, and when this list goes wide and some of our favorite places get a bunch of attention because of it, I think we should take some pride in that.

Dominic Armato
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I'm really happy Charleen Badman got named "Best Chef" because I can't think of anyone more deserving.
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Agreed. I think it's a crime that she hasn't received national recognition.
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So happy to see some of our favorites embraced! I know a lot of people that use "NT Best Of" as a resource, so I seriously hope this translates into a boost in the restaurant's steady business.
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I have to say the most amusing is this pairing:

Best Neighborhood Breakfast, Central Phoenix

Best Neighborhood Breakfast, Downtown Phoenix
Matt's Big Breakfast

These two places both of which I enjoy are 5 freaking minutes away from each other.
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I really liked the list this year. Other years I have not. I do agree with Dom that nerd fingerprints are here.
Tortas Paquime -- The New Times list made me finally go. They are right. It is really great. Look around you next time you are in Tortas Paquime and see who is there. They are not the food blogging type, more the good food eating type. Thanks New Times!