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Hi Food Nerds -

In my most recent column for Chow Bella/New Times I made a reference to "food nerds" that contained a bit of sarcasm. ( ... dining.php) Apparently I ruffled a few feathers in this community and wanted to make it clear that I used the term "food nerds" just as I would use foodie, foodnik or food enthusiast. It was not intended as an attack on this community whatsoever and I'm sorry if it came across as such. As I said to Dom privately, if anything, you should be proud that "food nerds" has worked its way into the popular lexicon!

You all have done a fantastic job of uncovering some great new places and giving new life to places that have been here a long time but never got well-deserved credit. I'm 100% behind that idea and hope the community grows. No harm intended.

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No worries, Eric... sorry for my part in the misunderstanding, and good thoughts very much appreciated :-)
Dominic Armato