Theatrics while serving food

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This dude is crazy. I'd probably stop and eat here.

"This Is The Shawarma King"

-- LBX

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He is definitely a master of his trade.
I've always liked this guy too.
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The Mortal Kombat soundtrack is a nice touch.

No video, but there was a Sichuan restaurant we went to in Guangdong once, and when you sat down there was a large teacup with a lid already sitting on your plate. At the prescribed moment, you'd remove the cover and inside was this mix of -- god knows what. Herbs and roots and berries and spices and bark and rocks and I have no idea. Maybe thirty different ingredients. Then this fellow would come around with a big kettle, wrapped in what looked like rattan with a woven handle that went over his shoulder, so that the kettle was tucked under his arm. Coming out from the kettle was a long spout, maybe three feet long, curved slightly downward and tapering to a small opening perhaps 5mm across. He'd position himself maybe ten feet away from the table, so that the far side was more like 15 feet away (big, round tables), he'd give the kettle just a little tilt, and a fine stream of hot water would come flying out of the spout in a long arc, and he'd nail your teacup -- a bullseye from 10-15 feet away -- fill it up, and tilt the spout back up to stop the water. From that one position, he'd go all the way around the table, filling everybody's cup. Awesome.
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