Where to buy ham locally?

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Contributing a ham for Thanksgiving this year - where is the best local spot to get a good one?
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Not super helpful info here, because it's too late now, but Dom up at The Meat Market, in Cave Creek, takes special orders.

"Always Fresh and Cut to Order. We support & work directly with local, hard working family farmers. Our farmers supply us with top quality meat from animals that you can trust ate clean & lived well." -The Meat Market

The Meat Market
37636 N Tom Darlington Dr
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If the generic Smithfield produced ham at Costco isn't your jam, I think there is still time to get a ham from the Pork Shop in Queen Creek.


Not that it has anything to do with this thread or that it makes me any kind of expert, but I spent six months working as a logistics consultant at a slaughterhouse in VA. So when I say, I love the smell of rendering ponds in the morning as I tuck in a ham biscuit for breakfast at 5am, know that I know of which I speak.