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5 years ago

So once upon a time, about 3 years ago, I tried to visit the Maine Lobster Lady truck. It was in Old Town, on a weeknight, and it was pouring rain. I figured either the truck would have closed up or there would be no line, so I gave it a shot. I turned the corner of 1st Ave to see a line snaking down the street. As we drove by, we stopped counting at 80 people...standing in the rain. What???

This past weekend we went to see Heart at The Good Life Festival at Encanterra. I had read that the elusive MLL truck would be there but wasn't holding out hopes. We got to the venue during the 2nd warm up act and we grabbed a G&T on our way to the food trucks. Huge line at a burger truck. Huge line at the Grilled Cheese truck. This isn't going to be good. But wait...there at MLL there are only 5 people in line. We hurried over as #6 and 7, thinking they must have 86'd everything for the line to be this small. But no! Full menu, with the exception of the clam rolls.
Scallop Roll, Traditional Lobster Roll
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We got our treats and settled in to a grassy spot in the shade to enjoy.
Scallop roll was delightful. Meaty morsels, low grease factor, and nicely grilled split top bun. Would have liked to have a few more for the price but it was definitely worth it.
Lobster roll (traditional Maine style - served cold with a bit of lemon mayo) was also very good. Lots of claw and knuckle pieces that were cooked correctly. I found the mayo to be overly lemony though. I do like a hint of lemon but this was more like a dunk. I think I'd try the Connecticut version (warm, in drawn butter) next time. Rolls come with a side of slaw (forgettable) and a bag of Lays.

After we had finished and walked past the MLL truck, the queue was 38 people. Timing is everything!
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2 years ago

This truck is at the GoDaddy Scottsdale office today until 1:30. JK and I just split each type of roll and some bisque. Delicious.
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It’s hard to say which of the two lobster rolls is the better choice. I think the best way to do it is to bring a friend and split both of them. Her blueberry lemonade is a perfect tangy foil to the rich lobster roll.
Do you take yours Maine style...
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... or Connecticut style?
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2 years ago

One vote for Connecticut style here!
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