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This was posted today on the CFT FB page...
Not sure of the back story, but potentially another signal that Chandler isn't doing it as good as Gilbert seems to be wrt dining options.


Chandler Food Trucks will cease existence effective immediately. It is with great disappointment that this tremendous event, so generously supported by Shoppers Supply, will not be happening going forward.
Many thanks need to be handed out to the great Food Truck supporters of Chandler for their support of this event. Less than 4 months ago we did not have one truck signed up for Chandler Food Trucks. Today we have 57 that have stepped up and LOVED coming to Chandler Food Trucks. They extended weekly compliments to the wonderful, polite, generous people who attended each week. As well to the leadership at Ocotillo Friends, who helped form this concept. To Downtown Ocotillo for hosting the original event. To Shoppers Supply who have been an amazing Chandler business to work with. To several people within the City of Chandler who tried to make this happen. There truly are too many people to list. Thank you to you all!!!

As much as I would like to go into detail about the hows and whys, I will not. Here is the actual timeline of events:

1. Event began as "Ocotillo Food Trucks" in Downtown Ocotillo April 17th under a permit issued that was figured to be the best possible at the time.
2. June 6th event was moved to Shoppers Supply and held under a "Special Event" permit that was allowed for 60 days.
3. August 6th an application was completed for a "Use Permit" that would allow for the event to take place. This permit however, takes 4-6 months to be approved, if approved.
4. August 7th Special Use permit expired. After numerous conversations to come to an agreement on how to allow the event to occur while the Use Permit process took place it was decided that the only policy that would allow for the event is the current one which is owned by a handful of trucks due to time and money issues to obtain.
Bottom line is the City of Chandler does not have a policy in place currently that will attract Food Trucks and allow for this event. Yes, by the letter of the law there is a way for trucks to come. However, it will not deliver the Friday night event you have grown to love.

We gave this the best shot we had. Numerous meetings, attempts to think creatively, simply were not enough. Chandler guidelines are different than other cities.

If you would like to attend a public meeting regarding the FUTURE regulations for Food Trucks please feel free to attend:
Tuesday, August 18th
9:00AM at 25 S Arizona Pl #201
Chandler 85225

Arrangements are being made now to give you other options. Stay tuned to this site for how you can re-connect with Food Trucks. Bigger things are in the works:)

Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH, to so many of you!!!

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