Trip to Rio and Buenos Aires

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Starting to do some food itinerary planning for an upcoming trip to South America. Any food nerd recs in either city?

I often times best see a city I visit through my coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and commensurate walking to burn the caloric intake between meals.

If any food nerds have been to Rio or Buenos Aires recently and had some outstanding meals would love to know the names and I will check them out.

No meal too big or too small. Cheap meals, expensive dinners. If you had killer coffee at a place I'll check it out or a great steak, cocktail, wine, etc...

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It's been a few years - but after two trips to Buenos Aires below are the notes I took. It's a fantastic city. Very friendly city, amazing architecture and history. One word of advice, as stricking as the beauty and building are, walk with you head down/forward...lots of stray dogs roam the streets and no one cleans up after them

Cafe culture is very strong, although we didnt tale notes on any. Stand up and sut down cafes on every corner with good coffee. No one does togo - they dont seem to understand the idea and get a bit offended by the thought. Amazing leather shopping. Take a trip out to the areas near the river out of town for some good/local vibes and fun. Take the time to enjoy a polo match

El Cuartito
Pizzeria at
937 talcahuano
-its tasty, albeit very thick and different from NY or Naples style. Make sure you order the pizza with a piece of faina ( dense chickpea pizza you put on top of your pizza...yes its strange, but its what they do )

Ice cream is huge all over town. Super Dulce de Leche is served everywhere at places like:
Freddo, Volta, or Persicco. Dulce de leche gelato stuffed with dulce de leche, topped with - you guessed it, dulce de leche.

In La Boca go to
El Obrero
Il Materello

In Palermo

Tegui ( costa rica 5852 y Carranza )
- behind a hidden wall of graffiti restaurant with changing prix fix menu by German Martitegui. Best meal we had on trip one. Must go.

Paraje Arevalo
-hidden gem cooks worked at mugaritz and fat duck - daily chalkboard menu at lunch. Have had two great meals here. The chefs/owners couldnt be nicer and can really cook. Its also a great break from red meat/red wine everywhere else. Another must go.

Don Julio - classic steakhouse in Palermo soho. Not the best rated in town but the meat quality is good, service very friendly and wine list is much more reasonable than the big steakhouses.

Il Ballo Del Mattone
- classic trattoria

La Cabrera
-most popular steakhouse in town, a little pricier than others in the neihgborhood ( Palermo soho )but it os very good and worth the trip.

Cabana Las Lilas - on the water, a little pricey and very busy, but also very good. Maybe the best quality of food and service together we experienced

La Fabrica del Taco
Courtyard bar with tacos and beer. Nice fun break from the norm

- laid back bar with best outdoor drinking space

La Bourgogne at alvear palace hotel French, highly regarded, very upscale

El Preferido de Palermo
-grocery with tables in the back to get fabada ( bean and sausage casserole )
-I've eaten this four times in two trips...blood sausage, chorizo, pork shank, belly, stick to you ribs and amazing

-northern argentine food at cheap prices

In Recoleta


La Cabana

In Monserrat

La Brigada
-steakhouse with loyal following, get the colita de lomo ( sirloin tail )

For shopping:

Feria Plaza Francia
Plaza francis and plaza alvear
Handbags, handcrafted utensils, ets

San telmo mkt

Hotel Fatima

El Ateneo - famous bookstore on avenida Santa fe and avenida Callao

Perugia Bottier - handcrafted leather shoes

Feria de Matadros - an hour outside the city, but great crafts, food stalls and Pareto (sweet) wine

Maria Vasquez - better known argentine designer

Airedelsur- home decor with silver wood and onyx feature in vogue