Announcing Food Nerd Approved 2014!

2014 list of restaurants that have captured our love and admiration
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We've visited, talked and written about them for a year, we've nominated them and sung their praises, we've debated their deliciousness and other merits, the panel has deliberated and voted, and these 21 food-related establishments are now Food Nerd Approved, having captured the love and admiration of the PHXfoodnerds community!

As with the inaugural list in 2013, Food Nerd Approved is a celebration of local food that has captured the love and admiration of the PHXfoodnerds community. Once a year, the members of gather to nominate restaurants and other food-related establishments based on the deliciousness of their offerings, their exceptional character, and the extent to which they've generated excitement and discussion on the board. In 2013, nineteen food-related establishments were honored by the PHXfoodnerds community, and this year's list of 21 honorees reflects where our excitement and energy have been focused over the previous year.

Alzohour Market
Andreoli Italian Grocer
Beaver Choice
Cafe Ga Hyang
Chou's Kitchen
Curry Corner
Dolce Vita Italian Grocer
Hana Japanese Eatery
Hue Gourmet
Khyber Halal
Lamp Wood Oven Pizzeria
Miu's Cuisine
Phoenix Knife House
Pizzeria Bianco (Town & Country)
'Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana (Phoenix)
Posh Improvisational Cuisine
Republica Empanada
Wedge & Bottle

Enormous thanks to our members for continuing to build this community and share their dining experiences, and even bigger thanks to these establishments -- and all of those that we love and frequent -- for making Phoenix's food scene so wonderful and vibrant.

Cheers, all!

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