Lamp Wood Oven Pizzeria

2014 list of restaurants that have captured our love and admiration
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Dare I say "The Best" Wood Fired Pizza in the suburban sprawl that is Metro Phoenix? I think so!

Are you a fan of DeFalco's meats? Lamp uses all DeFalco meats too.

Amazing homemade pizza dough, they make their own bread and stuff breads too (stuff w/ DeFalco's Italian sausage)

Some of my favorite things:

The Gordon - Dry Cured Capocollo, Spinach, Roasted Crimini Mushrooms, Goat Cheese, Garlic & Sharp Provolone
Kicker - Spicy Calabrian Peppers & Hot Calabrese Salami
The Gem - Italian Sausage, Natural Casing Pepperoni, Ricotta, Garlic & Oregano
The Scientist - 3 Varieties of Thinly Sliced Salumi & Meaty Green Olives
Geppetto - Italian Sausage, Gorgonzola & Caramelized Onion Marmalade
Dirty Little York - Sopressata, Sharp Provolone, Roasted Artichoke Hearts, Roasted Red Peppers & Red Onions

Mignulata - Sicilian Stuffed Bread with Defalco’s Italian Sausage, Pecorino & Cauliflower
Zucchini Cakes - With Basil Aioli
Meatballs - With Homemade Tomato Sauce & Crostini
Fig-Sambuca Bruschetta - Warm Fig-Sambuca sauce over Figs, Fresh Goat Cheese & Fresh Mint

Ricotta Cheesecake - Honey, Orange Zest, Biscotti Crust (Sambuca drizzle)
Caramelized Banana & Nutella Pizza - With Side of Honey Ricotta Cream
Gelato or Ice Cream with Amaretti Cookies
Nutella Milkshake - Nutella, Hazelnut Gelato, Topped with a Toasted Marshmallow (Add Frangelico Liqueur 4.00)
Amaretti Cookie Milkshake - Amaretti Cookies, Sea Salt Caramel Gelato, Topped with a Toasted Marshmallow (Add Amarretto Liqueur)
Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake

Run, don't walk. Get up to Lamp Pizza...


8900 E Pinnacle Peak Rd
Scottsdale, AZ

Tues-Thurs, Sun:
11:30am - 9pm

11:30am - 10pm

Closed Mondays
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Here's the main Lamp thread.

I'd love to see Lamp on the list. In a town that's really, really strong on wood-fired pizza, Lamp is one of the three that I consider my favorites (Bianco, 'Pomo). With this kind of pizza, the artistry is in the bread, and theirs is superb. It's one of those descended-from-Neapolitan styles, maintaining that spirit of dough and fire while having a contemporary feel. And the toppings match the bread, beautifully curated and thoughtfully assembled.

In Phoenix, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle when it comes to wood-fired pizza, but I think Lamp is exceptional even in this field, and I think it's entirely deserving of an FNA.
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I agree, Lamp Pizza rocked.
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Lamp has my vote!
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LAMP is an excellent pic for FNA! Seriously, this has been in our Top 3 for pizza in the Valley for the past year (plus). Sadly, we haven't explored as much of the menu as I'd like, but for the pizza alone (ok, and the mignulata), it's worth the drive. Oh, and as long as you're there you could do worse than the toasted marshmallow shake. :lol:
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SO far of a drive for me, I haven't tried this place yet, so can't honestly give an opinion. But certainly sounds good!
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Lamp Wood Oven Pizzeria has been named to the 2014 Food Nerd Approved list.
Dominic Armato