Presenting: Food Nerd Approved 2013

2013 list of restaurants that have captured our love and admiration
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Congratulations to the Food Nerd Approved inaugural class of 2013!

We've visited, talked and written about them for months, we've nominated them and sung their praises, we've debated their deliciousness and other merits, the panel has deliberated and voted, and these nineteen food-related establishments are now Food Nerd Approved, having captured the love and admiration of the PHXfoodnerds community.

Andreoli Italian Grocer
Café Ga Hyang
Chou's Kitchen
Citizen Public House
Crêpe Bar
Davanti Enoteca
Dolce Vita Italian Grocer
Hana Japanese Eatery
The House at Secret Garden
Khyber Halal
Phoenix Knife House
Pig & Pickle
Tacos Atoyac
Taylor Street
Wedge & Bottle

Immense thanks to everybody who participated: to the restaurants for inspiring us and making Phoenix's food scene great, to the panel for taking the time to parse, scrutinize, and debate nearly a year's worth of posts, and to all the members of PHXfoodnerds for sharing your knowledge and passion and making this community what it is. Let us hope that through Food Nerd Approved and the year-long discussion upon which it is based, we will continue to get the word out, guide people towards our city's culinary gems, build an enthusiastic community, and do our small part to help make Phoenix's food scene as vibrant and exciting as it can be.

Cheers, all!

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