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IL Bosco has been operating for a while in Scottsdale, and has recently opened a second location just off Roosevelt Row in Phoenix.


The approach taken to the restaurant’s 12-inch pies is not rigorously Neapolitan, but the ingredients and toppings are predominantly Italian, and the results are consistently good pizza with a crust of medium thickness, slight chewiness, and just a bit of char. There are roughly twenty pies on the menu, and for the most part, they have traditionally female first names to identify them, like the Patrizia topped with red sauce, mozzarella, artichoke hearts, cremini mushrooms, and peppadew peppers.


Peppadews make frequent appearances, not only on pizzas, but also in this appetizer in which they're stuffed with Italian sausage:


There's also an off-menu spicy pizza known as the Za, as well as weekly specials. Phoenix has long counted wood-fired pizza among its strengths., so it's tempting to ask if there's room for another pizzeria downtown. From what I've seen so far, IL Bosco has done a good job of defining its own niche.
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