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1 month ago

I went to the grand opening of Paradise Hawaiian BBQ's new location on Adams Street in Downtown Phoenix today. The restaurant recently moved from its former location on College Avenue in Tempe. Paradise is a place that specializes in plate lunches with Japanese and Korean influences via Hawaii. With the move, there have been some tradeoffs. I miss the draft beer and the Korean banchan sides from the old Tempe location. Those did not make it to the new site. On the other hand, I found the service much friendlier than at the old location.

I had the Paradise Fire chicken plate lunch. This was fiery plate of chicken with two scoops of rice, one of creamy macaroni salad, and a token amount of green salad. It was quite good, and I had a complimentary piece of guava cake for dessert. The cake was a special treat for the grand opening and not a regular menu offering. I look forward to returning for the teriyaki, the mandoo (dumplings), and kalbi.

My other favorite place for plate lunches is Grilled Ave, which is located just a block or two from Paradise's former location in Downtown Tempe. Of course, the Arizona Aloha Festival, held every March at Tempe Beach Park, is the ultimate in plate lunches. Questions for those who care:

1) Where else do you like to go for plate lunches?
2) Who are your favorite vendors at the Aloha Festival? I'm always at a loss to choose.

Paradise Hawaiian BBQ
18 W Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Grilled Ave Teriyaki House
705 S Forest Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281

Arizona Aloha Festival
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1 month ago

I used to like Aloha Kitchen on Alma School (near Nello's). I haven't been in awhile though.
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2 weeks ago

Aloha Kitchen especially on a Saturday after all the halau's let off practice,
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