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Donut Bar | The World's Most Award-Winning Donuts
16025 N Scottsdale Road

Heard amazing things about these Donut's so myself and mini-madoublet had to go check them out. The Donuts are good, the best in the world, I don't know a good way of deciding but would welcome doing a tour of Phoenix on Maple Long Johns and Apple Fritters if anyone would like to join me.

What they really do well, they know how to treat kids and families. The line was 20 deep at 7:45 AM. They came out with balloons and gratis cookie monster donuts for kids. My son was quiet and content for the duration of the wait and the gratis donut was solid to boot.

I need to come back and try to the french toast donut on the griddle, but the donuts I purchased were worth of multiple repeat visits.
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The peanut butter chocolate chip donut was a total sugar bomb but if you are Reece's fan and I certainly am, there was nothing to complain about. The Apple Fritter was not "fried" like most fritters, but the glaze they put on was needed and a great addition to the warm gooey apple inside.

They also serve coffee and local adult beverages.
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