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4 months ago

A new bagel shop just opened in Chandler and thanks to Cristen telling me yesterday I made an early morning run to try them fresh.

Decent bagels. A big step up from anything else near me so 🙌 for that. Not quite up to The Bagel Man on exterior texture and a bit doughy (which is common around here). Maybe it's a water thing? They go a bit heavy with the flavour-toppers (is there a better name for that?).

L>R Water, Garlic, Onion
04A7568E-07B9-41DE-84CE-240E3DFB2954.jpeg (218.18 KiB) Viewed 88 times
FYI they have a Rainbow bagel which almost kept me from going but was assured it was just a water bagel with food coloring. #PhewU


3235 W Ray Road
(West of the 101 near Culver's)
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