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After striking out trying to find new places in the hood based on recommendations from trusted sources I ended up at Breakfast Kitchen Bar in the Scottsdale Quarter. Even though I live about 2 miles from here this area is totally not on my radar because I hardly ever cross the 101 for breakfast. I went for my go-to Mexican style but instead of getting huevos rancheros which is my usual I picked the breakfast tacos.
Breakfast Kitchen Bar - Breakfast Tacos
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The side of red ranchero sauce was really tasty and I'm pretty sure it was fresh made. My only complaint is everything was lukewarm. If only it had been piping-hot I might have really enjoyed it. Also the portion was enormous for me and I could have easily split it with someone. That little hockey puck of potatoes didn't hurt my feelings either but I would have liked it hot and doused it that tasty salsa. I wouldn't rush to "BKB" like I would a place like Roland's but to go only two miles for someone to feed me a decent breakfast for 12 bucks? Dude I'm down. Also my server at the bar was really nice so points for being nice to an old lady.

Breakfast Kitchen Bar, aka, "BKB"
15147 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, 85254

Hours seem to be 7am to 2:30pm seven days a week, but check for holidays.
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