Byblos Restaurant

Good eating in the Valley of the Sun
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3 years ago

Ok this place has been on Southern and Mill for 33 years... Surely someone knows something about it? I'll probably take one for the team and grab some lunch there soon...

Byblos Restaurant
3332 S Mill Ave
Tempe AZ 85282
Telephone: 480-894-1945
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3 years ago

It's been 6 years, but I had a horrific experience here with a cold spanakopita and super dry roasted lamb dish. I had one of their fans attack me over my review on yelp too, hasn't made me eager to return.
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3 years ago

Many years ago, I used to frequent Byblos for their Friday roast lamb dish. Then their chef and lead server went off to start Cafe Istanbul. The quality of the food and service followed them, as did I.

I've returned occasionally, but it has been hit or miss, mostly miss, sorry to say.
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3 years ago

All I remember is that the owner is very pushy.
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