The Pho King on Thomas Rd

Good eating in the Valley of the Sun
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Last night we stopped at the Pho King on Thomas Road just on the northeast corner with Hayden Road. Formerly this place was a pizza place and bar, and the physical location has a nice covered patio with fireplace, a little back bar, and an indoor dining area that are all pleasant and possess more ambience than most Vietnamese restaurants.

The Pho King has a food truck business, The Best Pho King Food Truck, but I have never eaten the food from the truck. The humorous name also included a humorous website address, Clearly these folks have no qualms, as up in Silicon Valley there are many Pho Queen restaurants, but this is the first actual King in the Valley of the Sun.

And the food:

I had their version of Pho Ga, which on the menu is called Pho Soup ($8) with Chicken Protein ($2). The noodles were fine, and the broth was also acceptable if salty. Now the really excellent valley pho comes from a giant pot that has been boiling back in the kitchen continuously since 1987 such as Saigon Seafood down on Alma School Road and Knox. Pho King has not been around for more than two months as I write this, so the broth doesn't have that sort of pedigree, but it is fine. What was quite good about the dish was the chicken, which was very pleasantly poached or stewed with a background of ginger and citrus. The dish of other stuff to add to the soup included a suitable amount of bean sprouts, peppers, lime, etc. etc.

My wife had The Great Pho King Noodle Bowl ($8), which is the dry (no broth) bowl, with ginger pork. Here again the ingredients were all fresh and pleasantly plated, with a very tasty chili sauce, good noodles, and a nice selection of vegetables, herbs, etc. And once more the high point was the pork, which was well-prepared in browned cubes, toothsome, gingery, etc.

We also had some pot stickers which were a food that was served and eaten.

I noticed other things on the menu like tacos with Vietnamese style ingredients that looked interesting. Just as the pho and the noodle bowl were what I think of as Vietnamese style food rather than actual Vietnamese food, these tacos looked appetizing without making me think I was sitting in Hue.

In summary, if you are down in south Scottsdale and want to sit in a homey environment and eat pretty good Vietnamese style food with access to a full bar and pleasant servers, this might be a good option.
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