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Nan Zhou doesn’t have a thread? Well heck, I’ll start one . . .

We had a nice little foodnerd lunch here today. A low-key joint where nearly every table was full by the time we left, and as usually seems to be the case, we were the only gringos, which to me is a good sign. While nothing blew me away, everything was Solid to Solid+

I take that back. I truly loved their Salt & Pepper Squid. While leaving, I seriously (admittedly more than somewhat shamefully) had thoughts of circling the neighborhood a bit until the others left and going back in for another order

We ordered a bunch, and seemingly in no time they kept bringing dishes out as they were ready. First off the Flavored Soft Peanuts, which were boiled peanuts in . . . well, Dom can fill in that blank. Tasty little pre-meal nosh. (To continue a thought from lunch, boiled peanuts are “a thing” in the South,

I guess I’m a sucker for shaved cold Beef Tendon. The pickled daikon underneath it was a nice twist. Was it the marinated or the spicy? Didn’t taste spicy to me

The BBQ Lamb skewers, big hit of cumin . . . they set off something in my tastebuds and my brain . . . I’ll be looking for a recipe to make those on the grill at home

The Ox-tail soup with shaved noodles . . . subtle, I think more of a vehicle for the noodles than anything, but they were some damn good noodles

Lastly was . . . I believe . . . the House Special Stir Fry Noodles? And they were fine. To me they were the only thing that bordered on typical Americanized Chinese

My only real knock on the place was the old old gritty chili oil they have on all the tables. They seriously need to change that out

Otherwise, yeah, good stuff. I will be back for that squid. And I found a pic of Chef Specials that I don’t remember seeing in my menu . . . am eying the Walnut Shrimp and the Salt & Pepper Prawns . . . ... 9yUfqn6vEQ

Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House
111 S. Dobson Road
Mesa, AZ 85202
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One of my favorites at this place we're the ribs...crispy, delicious! Also liked the noodle dishes we tried.
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I just ordered delivery, the beef with xo sauce fried rice was delicious. A little spicier and more complex than typical American Chinese.
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