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A new member of the board, after reading reviews I put Umami on my wishlist. I could no longer wait to for them to reopen post kitchen fire, so I went down and tried Republic Ramen & Noodles. Here's the breakdown;
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I ordered the Tokyo with Original Toppings (No carrots. Carrots should be eaten as a raw snack and not served as a flavor dementor in other dishes) Tofu, and added corn, garlic puree, and extra noodles.

While the broth had some nice spice, it certainly was not complex. Noodles were close to properly cooked but not inspirational. I wished the tofu was a little more firm. The rest of the ingredients were fine.

Reading this I realize it sounds more negative than I really felt about it. It just left me longing for the addictive sesame broth in the Cha-shu Ramen at Cherry Blossom Noodle Cafe. Its fine for a bowl if you're in the Tempe, but if I'm driving from Scottsdale I'm going to drive to Cherry Blossom not Republic Ramen.
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In case anyone is wondering, Republic Ramen is still not close to the top ramen joints in town. Ended up there randomly the other day and it is...not good. My shoyu ramen had a broth that was like someone opened a can of chicken broth and put some soy sauce in. The chashu also was tough as if it had been steamed for 30 minutes.