Instagram Profile Field + Button Added

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Skillet Doux
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Sorry this took a little while, folks... the degree to which I don't know what I'm doing is something I probably shouldn't admit publicly, but I think I managed to muddle my way through.

I've added Instagram to the profile social media options. If you go to the User Control Panel and click on the Profile tab, there should now be a field for Instagram, just as there is for Twitter, Facebook, etc. Adding Instagram here will also add an Instagram button alongside the other social media buttons beneath your avatar on every post (like mine on the right -- it's working... I have an account, but I don't use it, so there are no photos).

As mentioned before, I'm a little out of my technical realm, so anybody who uses this feature, please do keep your eyes peeled and take note of any issues. It's looking good, but I certainly could have missed something.

Any questions or issues, please post them here!
Dominic Armato
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It's working just fine on my profile. Thanks for adding this feature.
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