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Made a great batch of Sangria last night so I figured I would share the recipe

We used Castillo Clavijo (total wine) Tempranillo Rioja x6
1.5 cups of brandy (Paul Masson VS) (1/4 cup per bottle of wine)
one package of Cinnamon sticks

3 Oranges sliced thinly + the skin (peeled to avoid the pith) for the oils and twisted them and left in overnight
4 large red delicious apples cubed
8 plums cubed
1 carton of blackberries from Costco

Let everything sit at room temp for 24 hours stirring occasionally - I had made Grenadine in case it needed a touch of sweetness but it was perfect as is, very smooth and refreshing (and I am not a Sangria person)

The fruit had some kick !

I have made it in the past and it was too bitter with using anything that was not a sweet fruit (like lemon lime grapefruit) and also had some issues not removing pith and it making the sangria bitter - also this did not have anything unnatural in it (like soda) to give it sweetness

Let me know if you try it and how your results go!
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Most sangrias I try in restaurants are too sweet for my taste. This sounds like it would be just right -- especially with a tart note from the berries.
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