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It's a community board, after all!
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Hello fellow food nerds!

I just discovered this site and decided I had to join in! What a fun, positive group of people you are. I pretty much like anyone who likes food, so I think we will get along great! :D

My hubby and I moved here from the East Coast a few years ago and currently live in Chandler. We constantly complain about the lack of good dining options nearby and grumble every time we hear about Gilbert getting yet another cool restaurant. Why Gilbert?! :? At least we have the intersection of Warner and Dobson for good sushi (Shimogamo) and dim sum (C Fu Gourmet is his favorite and Phoenix Palace is mine), plus Lee Lee's market.

I love to eat local and support local restaurants whenever possible. I love 24 Carrots! and Pomegranate Cafe for showing how good fresh vegan food can be. I also love sushi, bbq, and pizza, and enjoy trying new cuisines. My husband and I have a little "restaurant club" with another couple, and every other month or so we check out a new ethnic cuisine - this weekend is Afghani and Pakistani food at Khyber Halal.

I look forward to joining your discussions and checking out all the food porn pics posted here!
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Don't forget to check out the Google Map of places listed here to review the Chandler coverage. :D
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Welcome to the board!

Warner and Dobson is a great little corner. I prefer Phoenix Palace Dim Sum, too. Just went there last weekend. You're gonna love Kyber Halal, too!

Hope you can make it out to a lunch or meet up!