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Hi all! My hubby is a chef and have always loved food. As an Italian, we were always eating well, fresh (never canned) and had pasta drying on the beds! When i got married, he started cooking and i just took a back seat and enjoyed! I now make all the Italian in the house and actually completed a project that my dad has been pushing me to do forever! (he passed away last year coming up on the 23rd) I finally created a cook book of my mom's Italian dishes that were my favs growing up. My husband affectionately titled it DID YOU EAT!? This was the first thing my mom would ask when you entered the house...TRUST ME, it did not matter if you eat or not, you were going to do it again! The gift went over so well with my family members and friends that everyone is asking me to do a second...desserts only! For those of you that have thought about doing this, i highly advise you too! I used an online book publishing company called BLUB.COM. It was soooo easy! Anyway, Happy Cooking!
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Welcome, Dinnerdarte! I had to laugh at the title of your book, because that's exactly what my Italian ex-mother-in-law used to say every time we came to visit, too! I did learn a lot from her, though.

Hope to see you commenting on some of the threads, and maybe at one of our get-togethers! (Make sure to keep an eye on the "Events" thread!) :)