Hello from the East Valley

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My name is Brandon, and I am currently in Chandler. My time and budget for eating out is currently on the low side, but I still really enjoy great food and trying new places. I like something from practically every type of cuisine, but my favorites are Mexican, pizza, and barbeque.

A few restaurants I will recommend to anyone are Abuelo's, Floridino's, and Nello's Pizza.

I look forward to talking food with you all.
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Welcome Brandon looking forward to your input or maybe catching you at a meet up!
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Welcome! You'll be happy to know that most of our lunch meet-ups are at places that are pretty darn inexpensive! I would encourage you to come to some of them, even if it's a cuisine you aren't familiar with or think you don't like. My tastes were pretty similar to yours until this group came along, and WOW what a whole new world of possibilities has opened up to me!! :)