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Mike Z
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I realized I never did do an intro . . . I ran across Dom’s “www.skilletdoux.com” a few years ago, and followed over to here. Been meaning to jump in on the Foodnik meet-ups for awhile

A bit about me . . . I’m a Chicago bred Bears/Cubs/Blackhawks fan. Born in Peoria, IL . . . grew up in Chicago . . . family moved to St. Paul, MN when I was 10 . . . and I got too old for the cold and moved to Tempe when I was 30. My 10 year anniversary in AZ was a month ago, and about the only place in the US I’d move to at this point would be Hawaii :)

I currently do IT for US Foods, which I have no formal training for. My Bachelors is in Advertising and Psychology, but I took so many music production classes at Uni that instead of following my degree path, I got a job with a small recording studio. After that, bouncing through retail, warehouses, truck driving, merchandising, administration, sales . . . not quite sure how I ended up in IT, haha

The short-term long-term goal is to get into writing/creative field. I’m also looking to start a small secular non-profit co in January, still fleshing that out

Anywho, been great to finally meet some of the peeps here in person, and am looking forward to meeting more of you and having some food adventures :)
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Great to meet you today Mike. I'd love to pick your ear on recording studio stuff sometime.
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Hey Mike,

I randomly got into IT as a Psych major too, but I got out, so there is hope! :D

Small world running into you at Boulders and then Miu's.

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And I stumbled into IT from the hospitality biz... Funny how life works, sometimes. Great meeting up at Fujiya last week. I look forward to more meetups and tasty food in the future!