A Note on Health Code Violations

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Hey, all!

Rather than leave those who might have noticed wondering, I wanted to mention that a few posts were pulled today because they (inadvertently) fell afoul of one of the guidelines in The Credo:
The PHXfoodnerds Credo wrote:Partly for legal reasons and partly to avoid skulduggery, we ask that you don’t report health code violations, closures, illegal activity, etc. without a very reputable source to back it up. If there’s a health department report or a (very) reputable news story about a restaurant having such issues and you provide a link, no problem. But this is one area where it’s best not to trade in rumor, and if you witness problems yourself the best place to report them would be the health department, not here. It’s a pain, but we hope to have your understanding.
To be completely clear, I'm absolutely not trying to call anybody out. Other than inadvertently crossing one of the few guidelines we have, the folks involved didn't do anything wrong at all. They posted in earnest, and simply weren't aware of or didn't remember this particular guideline. No big deal at all. But since it's probably been a long time since most of you perused the guidelines, I wanted to post this first as a little reminder, and second so clarify, in case anybody was left wondering.

It's important to note that these posts were absolutely not pulled because they were negative, nor because they generally addressed a restaurant's cleanliness. The last thing I want is for anybody to feel that they can't speak freely and be critical of the room or building just as they might be of the food. Your criticism might attract an argument from other members, but it won't attract moderation :-) What this guideline addresses are specific allegations of illegal conduct or health code violations. That's where the line is drawn.

Please know that one of the founding principles of this board is moderation in moderation. With just a handful of exceptions, the only moderation we've done over the past year has been organizational stuff -- combining a thread here and there, moving a thread to a more appropriate forum, slightly amending a thread title -- that kind of thing. But for the reasons mentioned in the Credo quote above (more the former than the latter, though both are important), this is one of the very few things that can't be posted here. I'm not asking for anybody to like it. I don't like it. I'm just asking for your understanding. Whether or not you agree with it, please know that it's a guideline that's been in place since day one, the decision to put it there was done neither lightly nor arbitrarily, and it is, I think, a small sacrifice to make a community board like this doable.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.

Dominic Armato