Happy Birthday, PHXfoodnerds!

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Skillet Doux
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We're a year old!!!

It was one year ago today that I first sent emails to a bunch of food-obsessed friends and people who'd expressed interest in doing something cool at Ignite Food inviting them to come check out the site, and PHXfoodnerds was officially off and running.

Over 300 members, in excess of 9000 posts spanning more than 800 topics attracting 78,000 visits, 19 Food Nerd Approved establishments, two massive potlucks, dozens of Foodnik Fridays and other gatherings, volumes of knowledge and experience exchanged, scores of new friends made, countless stories and laughs shared, and all of this just in our first year.

It has been a massive undertaking. And it has been so totally worth it.

Thanks for being a part of this, everybody. May this little birthday celebration be just the first of many, many to come.
Dominic Armato
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Woohoo!! How time flies. SO glad you started this, Dom!! (And so glad to be a part of it!)

Was talking to Pavle yesterday about MyAZnow radio, and I think that will add even another fantastic dimension to PHXfoodnerds! :)