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Welcome to PHXfoodnerds!

We started this site in the hopes of creating a place where Phoenix's food nerds could come to discuss, get to know each other, arrange events and get-togethers, and build the kind of community that will help us all get the most out of Phoenix's food scene and spend more time doing what we love -- eating great food and doing it with people who share our passion. Though our city is filled with folks who know their food, it seems to us that we're tragically disjointed, flinging out tweets and reviews and posts and comments in all directions, but struggling to interact and coalesce and build a strong community. We have knowledge. We have enthusiasm. We have energy. What we need is a home -- one that belongs to us and exists solely for us, not for anybody's profit. We hope this site can be that home, and it's been designed exclusively with that goal in mind.

So, if you're interested, here are a few tidbits to help you get started:

The Credo
Even if you're dying to get posting (great!), we'd strongly recommend you first take just a couple of minutes to read The PHXfoodnerds Credo, which will explain what this community is all about, and lay down a few guidelines that we ask you to follow.

Before you can post, you'll need to register. It just takes a moment, and you can start posting right away. If you have trouble registering, drop us an email at help@phxfoodnerds.com.

The Index
Once you've registered, just click on the big photo of something tasty at the very top of the page. That'll always get you to the index, where you can browse the forums and start posting.

Getting Settled
A link to the User Control Panel can be found in the header, and this is where you can set all of your preferences, upload an avatar, add a signature, and do all of those little personal things to help you feel comfy.

Getting Help
If you're having trouble navigating or operating the board, there's a FAQ link at the top of every page that contains a ton of general information. But it might be even easier to make a quick post in the Nuts & Bolts forum, and somebody will help you out as quickly as possible. Also, the Nuts & Bolts forum contains a few How-Tos that you might find helpful. And if you come across any problems, please don't hesitate to let us know. We're kind of new at this.

Staying Connected
If you aren't one of those people who obsessively checks every ten minutes to see what's new (we... um... don't know anybody like that), there are a few ways to help you stay connected to what's being posted. First, at the bottom of every forum page except the index, there's a subscribe link. Clicking on it will cause the board to send you email notifications every time a post is made on that topic or forum. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking in the same place, or managing your subscriptions in the User Control Panel (see "Getting Settled," above). Second, PHXfoodnerds has two Twitter feeds -- @PHXfoodnerds for new topics, announcements and other hand-curated items from the board, and @PHXfoodnerdsXL, which is an unfiltered feed that publishes every post -- and a Facebook page. Also, the board has an ATOM feed which can be found at phxfoodnerds.com/feed.php. Lastly, if you're a smartphone junkie, there's a great app for reading phpBB boards called Tapatalk for both iOS and Android. Just install the app, search for PHXfoodnerds, and you can login using the same credentials.

Getting the Word Out
Any community is only as strong as its members. So if you share our hope that we can make this place something special, please take a moment to drop a line to anybody who you think can help us do it. The direct link to this welcome page is www.phxfoodnerds.com/welcome.php.

That should help you get your feet wet. If you have any questions at all, don't be a stranger. Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you stick around!

-The Management
Dominic Armato