The PHXfoodnerds Credo

This community food board was founded with the idea that Phoenix’s food nerds were in need of an online home. It’s not Twitter... our discussions aren’t fragmented by character limits and background noise and it’s easy to go back to refer to and revive old threads. It’s not Yelp... we’re focused on exchange and learning rather than simply stating our opinions, and though all opinions are welcome, we strive to make ours better and better informed. It’s not Chowhound... we embrace and encourage community rather than stifling it, and though we (lightly) moderate, we understand that real conversations have shifts and tangents and asides. An old-school forum may not be new and sexy, but it’s the best way for a real community to have a real conversation, and that’s what matters.

We’re a collection of food-obsessed folks who were looking for a better way of getting the most out of the local scene. We wanted to be able to share good eats with friends and get excited about supporting the people who create them. We wanted a place to congregate and socialize, where we could talk and get to know each other and make it easier to get out and break bread with people who share our passions. We wanted to take the knowledge and experience of Phoenix’s foodnerdia and put it in one place to better learn from each other. We wanted to get the word out, in the hopes of doing our small part to better the food scene in the valley. And we wanted to do all of this in a way that would be ours... not beholden to a bottom line or a traffic goal or any needs and desires other than our own. Though we’re individuals who will sometimes disagree on the minutiae, we share a common goal: to contribute to and get the most out of the Phoenix food scene through the people who are most passionate about it.

To that end, for posting members, here are a few rules and guidelines that we ask you follow:

Be yourself
Everybody is welcome. Amateurs, pros, locals, visitors... you name it. But one of the few things we absolutely won’t tolerate under any circumstances is people posing as anybody other than themselves. This doesn’t mean that anonymity and/or pseudonyms aren’t allowed, and if you work with or have an interest in a restaurant, by all means, we’d love for you to join the conversation. It just means that if you’re writing about something as anything other than a member of the public at large, we insist you make your connection clear. Just be open, and be honest. The positive flipside of that is be yourself! Unlike some other food sites, we don’t want to divorce the person from the information. Quite the opposite. This is a community, and communities are made of people, and we want those people to be who they are. You don’t need to be clinical or dispassionate. We’re all pals here, and if you’re new, we want to get to know you, not just what you know. Be yourself.

Talk about food
Another founding ideal of the board is that great grub exists at all levels – fancy and expensive, cheap and divey, and everything in between. While the collective tastes of the community will no doubt determine what gets the most play, the goal is to discuss good food – good food – wherever it comes from. But while we want to foster community, also please remember that this is still a food board. Posts aren’t going to be yanked the moment you set one foot off the path, and sometimes threads change and end in even more interesting places than where they started, and we want to allow that. And we also understand that a certain amount of random chatter will occur. But if the conversation starts to drift too far astray, perhaps the Random Chatter forum would be the best place for it. And even there, we’d prefer that the kind of hot button topics – like politics and religion – that tend to touch off flame wars and end with people being compared to Nazis be avoided. It’s a community food board, but it’s still a food board. Talk about food.

Back it up
Partly for legal reasons and partly to avoid skulduggery, we ask that you don’t report health code violations, closures, illegal activity, etc. without a very reputable source to back it up. If there’s a health department report or a (very) reputable news story about a restaurant having such issues and you provide a link, no problem. But this is one area where it’s best not to trade in rumor, and if you witness problems yourself the best place to report them would be the health department, not here. It’s a pain, but we hope to have your understanding.

Lurking is entirely welcome, and in fact, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the community before jumping in. But when you do, please participate. Remember that while we want to welcome and get to know you, PHXfoodnerds isn’t about you, so please post accordingly. You don’t have to be an expert on a particular subject to contribute to the discussion thereof in an intelligent and constructive manner. Just be thoughtful about what you write, and don’t talk just to hear yourself talk. Even the most knowledgeable among us have more to learn from the board than they have to give. That’s part of what makes a strong community great. But understand that PHXfoodnerds isn’t a concierge service, nor is it your soapbox. It’s a two-way street. Don’t stop by just to request info from the community or to dump your opinions (or worse, your promotions) into it. Be a part of it. Participate.

Don’t be a jerk
We’re passionate about food, and sometimes conversations can get heated, but there’s no reason to get into ad hominem attacks. There’s no need to ask that you not spam, because anybody who’s going to spam isn’t going to be swayed by (or even read) this anyway, but spam isn’t the only way people can abuse forums. If you’re working on something special, or there’s an event you’re involved with that you want to share, we want you to share it. But the line between sharing and advertising is a fine one, and the difference often comes down to how you typically contribute. If you’re an involved member of the community who’s sharing information and contributing to discussions, then of course, we want to hear all about your night as a guest chef. But if you find that most of your posts are promotional in nature, you’re not contributing to the board, you’re just using it, and that’s not appreciated or welcome. Bottom line, we’re all friends here. Really, most of us actually are. And we like to hang out together. So don’t do something annoying that you wouldn’t do in person, because you’ll probably end up crossing paths with most everybody here in person. Don’t be a jerk.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask. We look forward to having you here!