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I'm starting a Milwaukee thread just for these pix.

I took my kids to a James Beard Award-winning restaurant today for lunch. But it's not what you're thinking. There are no cloth napkins. A sommelier will not be pouring you wine. But it is totally worth the recognition that they've received.
SollysJBF.jpg (332.97 KiB) Viewed 489 times
There are a lot of good restaurants in MKE. But if you go to the 414 do NOT miss Solly's Grille for a real Butter Burger. You think you've had a butter burger because you've been to Culvers before. No. Not the same.
Sollysbutterburger.jpg (237.92 KiB) Viewed 489 times
It's every bit as good as it looks and there's more butter on it than you would also imagine. But it's also not too much butter (if that even seems remotely possible.) It's not something you should eat regularly. Your cardiologist will not be happy with you. That sweet and salty butter adds so much more decadence to an already decadent treat. It melts all over your plate, gets all over your hands, and you've never been happier in your life.
butterburger.jpg (358.78 KiB) Viewed 489 times
I know others will chime in on this one as I know I've sent several food nerds here. Skillet Doux's family had the best comment after they ate there and I'll let him tell that tale. (It's pretty funny.) It's a small place with mostly counter-seatting. I've never had a problem getting in but I always go at weird times. I only say that because I don't know what it's like when they get busy. And I'm sure they get busy. I'm just glad I live 1,800 miles from this place.

Solly's Grille
4629 North Port Washington Road
Milwaukee, WI 53212
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Re: Milwaukee

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I love that place so hard. Also in those pics the butter has melted, you need a pre melt pic to understand how much butter is on there.
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Re: Milwaukee

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Upon taking her first bite, Dr. Doux briefly paused, and then said, “I can’t believe this is a food.”

Wish I had more to contribute to the Milwaukee thread, but Solly’s is the best.
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Re: Milwaukee

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Solly's is about a mile away from a CrossFit gym I belonged to when I first moved to the area. Solly's will always have a soft spot in my heart...or maybe a hardened artery...but yum.

In non-Solly's news, The Cheel, an outstanding Nepalese restaurant (with a tremendous cocktail program) burned to the ground in 2020. It was in an historic building in a northern 'burb of Milwaukee called Thiensville. Well, fast forward and thanks to community support and an economic development grant, they're rebuilt and have a grand re-opening slated for December 1. My wife and I have a table this Wednesday night as part of their soft opening. ... 573425007/

If you ever find yourself in the greater Milwaukee area, heading a bit off the beaten path to Thiensville is worthwhile.
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