Toro Latin Rum Bar

Good eating in the Valley of the Sun
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Toro Latin Restaurant & Rum Bar
7575 E Princess Drive Scottsdale ... t-rum-bar/

When I think of foodnerd spots very rarely do I think of attached to a golf course and part of a hotel.

We went to Toro a few weeks ago and it was a solid evening of good food. It is a bit if latin asian fusion and they did it well. We ordered a bunch of different things from sweet corn, yucca fries, to ceviche, to Scallops, to empanadas, to sushi. For two people we may have over ordered.

We really enjoyed the scallops, ceviche and the sushi. We ordered the Havana Roll with Spicy Crab and Sweet Plantains. I pretty much love anything with plantains, but having it in sushi was unique and the sweetness with the spicy crab really worked.

They apparently have a crazy dessert as well called the "La Bomba" but we told it feeds a lot of people. May need to have the food nerd army as dessert back ups!
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