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Who's been to Roland's?

Roland's Cafe Market Bar
1505 E. Van Buren St., Phoenix
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Roland's 2
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I have been telling everyone how good the pork chop is, so I had to get back in to satisfy my craving. PHXeater joined me and we shared a few things...
Breakfast menu
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The Mortadella Quesadilla isn't what you'd expect. I think most Phoenicians would consider it a cheese crisp, but asadero from Chihuahua makes it far better than what I grew up eating at TeePee. The slivers of raw red onion and chunks of mortadella are great, but I'm in it for the cheese and I totally dig the hot sauces that come with it. One is spicy & smokey another a little milder & tangy... there are three of them and they're all fire!
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We tasted the Cajeta Latte, which was super sweet and all caramel, but we liked the Mexican Cinnamon Mocha Latte better. It was delicious, but it could have been served hotter.
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The chorizo burrito is just a breakfast burrito with potato and egg, but is a damn good one! Especially when you pour the hot sauce on every bite. Of the trio, my favorite with this dish is the thin green one; no clue what it's called.
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Last, but certainly not least, we ordered the wood-fire roasted pork chop. Oh the pork chop! A little dry compared to a previous visit, but this thing still sings of smokey goodness, perfect for breakfast alongside over easy eggs and sliced potatoes so creamy you can't not enjoy them... once you put a good bit of salt on them.
Pork Chop
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Pork Chop2
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I stopped in for lunch a few weeks ago with Desert Gal. We tried all three tacos, the chicken tinga being outstanding, but the others, not so much. The fresh corn tortillas make all the difference, but the carnitas and asada are completely forgettable. It was probably just an off day, but when you want tacos, maaaaybe just go to Chiwas!
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Entomatadas or corn tortillas wrapped around melty asadero cheese smothered in tomato sauce and crema fresca, were great too; the sauce being what sets it off. I added a squeeze of lime, but I don't recall that being offered on the plate.
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Not pictured, the Bloody Maria, made with tequila, is a fiery and delicious start to any meal!

Personally, I'm a fan of what Chris Bianco and the Tacos Chiwas team, Armando & Nadia, are doing at Roland's Market. They may be in a neighborhood not yet ready for what they've got to offer, but I for one think it's worth the drive to support what they've got going on. What do you think?

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