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1 year ago

My husband and I have started to come here fairly regularly for "date night" - really love it (even though there's no happy hour).

The atmosphere is great, the cocktails are STELLAR (and I mean STELLAR), and while the menu is limited, every single thing on there has been super delicious. (Well, with the exception of some tomato bisque one time that should have had a warning label on it - FIERY SPICY HOT! (And those who know me know I can't handle too much heat...even my husband couldn't eat it, and he likes spicy food.)

The warm rolls they make are incredible, served with a delicious honey butter and topped with flaked sea salt. Pub chips are great to snack on, and the Corn Dumplings are another of our favorite starters.

The Market Crudo changes all the time, but the first time I had it, it was Scallop Crudo, with strawberries, pine nuts, peppers and I don't remember what else - but it was YUMMY!

Hubs has had the Cornmeal Crusted Chicken Sandwich and loved it - the burger is awesome too. I've heard good things about the Belgian Hare + Gnocchi but have yet to try it. The Cast-Iron Venison Medallions are unreal, and served in a jus that I could drink by the gallons.

And, as I have been told by a fellow Food Nerd, "always order dessert." They had a Canadian Maple Pie one night that was sheer bliss, and I hear rave reviews about others they've had there, too.

This place is a BIG win for us!

Cotton & Copper
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Scallop Crudo
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Filet Medallions
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Canadian Maple Pie
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1 year ago

We really enjoyed Cotton and Copper. The drinks were very well done and the appetizers and burger were ordered were definitely something we would get again. You could really feel that everything was done with the best ingredients and as local as can be.

For appetizers we ordered venison carpaccio. The bite from the cherry apples totally made the dish.
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We also ordered the corn dumplings -- aka fritters. I think this was definitely our favorite of the night and I would go back just to order these. The texture was perfect and the sauce that accompanied them was not too heavy and the right accent.
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