Peanut-infused bourbon and bittered bourbon peanuts

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I grew up spending most weekends and all summer on Cape Cod. There was a Planter's Peanut shop in Hyannis and that was always one of my favorite stops. Even as a kid, I'd rather have a bag of freshly roasted (unsalted) peanuts than a bag of candy. And it's no surprise that I love to infuse when I saw this recipe in Imbibe! magazine for Bittered Bourbon Peanuts, I was smitten.

Start by making the peanut-infused bourbon.
Peanuts taking a bath in bourbon
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I used Buffalo Trace as it's my go-to, reasonably priced bourbon (although it is seemingly getting harder to source). Started with raw peanuts that I warmed in the oven for 10 minutes or so to release the oils (but I didn't brown them). Let them cool and poured in the bourbon for a happy maceration. Recipe calls for at least 4 days. I tasted after 4 and thought it could handle more so I let it go for 6 days. Coarse filtered to pull the peanuts out of the broth, let it settle for a day, and strained the liquid through quadruple cheesecloth, leaving the remnants in the glass. (Since the initial filter, there was still quite a bit of sediment, and I've poured the liquid off twice to separate out the sediment. I don't think there is an issue at leaving it in but I wanted to get more clarity in the bourbon. Damn, this stuff has a wonderful aroma of fresh roasted peanuts and the flavor is infused into every sip.

After the maceration, leave the peanuts on a sheet pan to dry overnight.

I then made two flavors of bourbon peanuts as I envisioned sipping a peanut-flavored Old Fashioned (or two) while munching some complementary flavored bittered peanuts. I used light brown sugar plus cane for the mole bitters and turbinado plus cane for the figgy.
Bittered Candied Bourbon Peanuts
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Next time, I'd try a couple of different things. First, I'd roast the peanuts after drying them and before turning rolling them in the sugar syrup. The peanuts got quite soft from their bath and the roasting should give them back some crunch. I'd also try using some maple syrup in the sugar bath with figgy as those flavors play well together. Maybe try agave syrup with mole as they are friends too. Finally, I'd add some salt directly to the sugar bath instead of salting after the fact. Hmm, maybe some brown butter too!

This was definitely a fun and rewarding experiment!
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4 years ago

Sorry, Bill...but I cringed reading this whole thing. I LOVE my bourbon, but with my peanut allergy, this would kill me...hopefully it will be disclosed if used in a craft cocktail around town or I could be in serious trouble!

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A brown butter washed peanut butter cocktail sounds amazing. Maybe adding some heat in there too. Think it's time to go pick up some peanuts.

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